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VAKOVAKYAM (An International Sanskrit Research Journal) ISSN: 0975-4555

An International Sanskrit Research Journal
ISSN: 0975-4555
Publisher:  Vakovakyam Sanskrit Shodha Sansthana, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh(INDIA)

A submission to Vakovakyam must be the original work (only in Sanskrit language) of the author(s) and must not be published elsewhere or be under consideration for publication in its submitted or a substantially similar form in any language.
All contributions should be submitted in duplicate in hard copy of computer print outs along with the CD.
Research papers (maximum up to 15 pages), Letter to the Editor (maximum up to 1 page), Short communication (maximum up to 2 pages), Book review (maximum up to 4 pages) on an A4 sized paper, with 1.5 lines spacing between the lines the matter should be left aligned, with a one and a half inch margin on the right will be considered for publication in this journal.
The text of the research papers etc can be prepared using Microsoft Word or any other common variant in APS star dust Font, 12 points
References should be embedded in the text in a consistent style:
Author (first and last name), Title   (bold if a book, "in quotes if an article, diss, etc."), Publication data (Place, Publisher, date if book; name of journal in bold, no. and date if article), p. or pp.
All research papers should be accompanied by an abstract of 150-200 words only in English language with Three    to five keywords should be included on the summary page under the heading Keywords. They should be in alphabetical order and must be classified.
All contribution should also include (i) Name(s) of the author (ii)their professional affiliation (iii) postal address  (iv) phone/mobile numbers & email addresses.

All the research papers are refereed and subjected to a double line review process. They are considered for publication only on the recommendations of the reviewers.
Review System
If an article meets the preliminary requirements, the article will be processed for review, which could take up to 3-4 months. All articles are peer reviewed.
The criteria used for reviewing articles are:
• Contemporary relevance
• Contribution to knowledge
• Originality
• Clarity and logic in analysis
• Methodology (for research articles)
• Implications for intervention
• Appropriateness of references
• Language.
Each article should be accompanied with a declaration by all the authors that:
• they are the authors of the article in the order in which listed
• the article is original, has not been published earlier, and has not been submitted for publication elsewhere.
If the author has quoted more than 500 words/a table/a figure from a published work, in the article, a copy of permission obtained from the respective copyright holder needs to be enclosed.
The author owns the copyright of the article until the article is accepted by Vakovakyam for publication. After the acceptance communication, the copyright of the article is owned by the Vakovakyam. It should not be reproduced elsewhere without the written permission of the Editor-in-chief of Vakovakyam.

The accepted articles are scheduled for publication in the chronological order in which they are accepted. The publication lag of an accepted article is generally a year. Each author gets a complimentary copy of the journal issue in which his/her article is printed. The first author gets two reprints of the article as well.

Contributors of the research papers would be required to pay Rs.1000=00($90 except Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh) by Cheques /Demand Draft in favor of ‘Vakovakyam’ payable at Varanasi.

Two copies of newly published books should reach the managing editor of the journal, accompanied with a Cheques/Demand Draft of Rs.1000=00($90 except Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh) in favor of ‘Vakovakyam’ payable at Varanasi.

You can send your research papers etc. to us using one of the following methods:
Web submission: by e-mail to      Copies to  &
   Postal submission: To, Dr. Viveka Pandey, Editor-in-chief, Vakovakyam (An International Research Journal), Flat#3, Priya Apartments, Kamachha, Varanasi-221010(INDIA).Envelope should inscribe ‘paper for consideration in VakovakyamNava .

Vakovakyam Shodha Sansthana                                                                                           
Flat#3, Priya Apartments,                                                                                                         
Kamachha, Varanasi-221010(INDIA).                                                                                   

Our Editorial Board:

Dr.Viveka pandey
Prof. Reva Prasad Dwivedi (Varanasi)
Prof. Shivji Upadhyaya(Varanasi)
Prof. Jai Shankar Lal Tripathi (Varanasi)
Prof. Abhiraja Rajendra Mishra (Shimla)
Prof. K. D. Tripathi (Varanasi)
Prof.Rahas Bihari Dwivedi (Jabalpur)
Dr. Madhvi Shukla (Varanasi)
Dr. Minakshi Pandey (Rewari, Haryana)
Dr.Sharadindu Kumar Tripathi
Members of Advisory Board
Prof. Prabhu Nath Dwivedi, (Varanasi)
Prof. Krishna Kant Sharma, (Varanasi)
Prof. Ichchha Ram Dwivedi ‘Pranava’(New Delhi)
Prof. Devi Prasad Tripathi (New Delhi)
Dr. Kamala Pandey (Varanasi)
Prof. Raja Ram Shukla (Varanasi)
Dr. Hari Prasad Adhikari (Varanasi)
Dr. Sadashiv Kumar Dwivedi (Varanasi)

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